Tuesday, 22 December 2015

BLOGMAS DAY 21: Coookies and Comfort Food

If the picture above isn't making you salivate then I really do not know what is wrong with you! In todays post I wanted to talk to you about all of the food that I love at Christmas. Yes, the cookies are a bit irrelevant but I feel like they are great for this time of the year if you maybe add some spices or dried fruit.
So, lets start with Christmas dinner. Actually, on Christmas day in my house we have a Christmas lunch which comprises of potato and leek soap and warm baguette, and then our actual Christmas dinner in the evening. Probably my favourite part of Christmas dinner is the gravy! I cannot express my love for gravy in words, it is that bad but it is great how you can add it to any food that you don't like and then suddenly you will love it. I also love the roast potatoes nice and crispy, however, I also feel like these go hand in hand with the gravy. Sausages in blankets and stuffing would be the other two foods that come to mind. Sausages in blankets I can't really explain how I love because I don't particularly like bacon but there is something about them that tastes so Christmassy! Stuffing is lovely with turkey as it just adds that extra bit of flavour.
Then after dinner, being me, I don't like Christmas cake or pudding or mince pies. Every year I have toffee and pecan roulade instead which is gorgeous!
Over the Christmas season we tend to buy a lot of sweet and nice food for watching Christmas T.V. in the evenings and on cold days (we aren't getting much of that this year : ( ) My favourite food like this would have to be Lebkuchen. As you can see it is German so lots of people haven't heard of it but German Christmas food is the best! Lots of chocolate and gingerbread goodness. Stollen is also another German cake filled with fruit and marzipan. Of course, I don't actually like it but most of my family do.
Comment down below your favourite Christmas Foods!

SoElla X

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