Sunday, 20 December 2015

BLOGMAS DAY 19: Gift Guide!

In today's post I will be sharing with you some ideas that I have had or used this year for peoples main presents. These are usually something a little more expensive and thoughtful than regular presents. Something to buy for someone close and special to you who you are a bit more prepared to spend money on. So, here are the ideas:

1. A Mug- You will always have those one (or two) people that drink a lot of tea and/or coffee so a mug is a perfect gift. Cath Kidston do a large range of huge ones that retail at around £6.50 each.

2. Books- With a book you are always guaranteed that someone will get at least a few hours of pleasure from reading it. Notebooks and non-fiction books are also great as well as the traditional novels.

3. Candles- Of course everyone loves a nicely scented candle! Christmas is the time to spend a bit more on a luxury candle for somebody.

4. Scents- Perfumes and body mists will never fail to impress! If you know the person you can choose a scent that they will love.

5. Hand Creams and Moisturisers- Anything to give yourself a pamper and luxury!

SoElla X

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