Thursday, 23 April 2015

Back to Black

When the time comes to buy some new clothes for the spring and summer, I sometimes just do not know where to start.
My wardrobe is full of black, navy and maroon shades from last month so when I need to buy new things I am stuck with the dilemma that if I purchase brighter colours I will have to buy matching outfits otherwise I will not have anything to wear together. You can maybe save up to do a complete refurbishment of your wardrobe, or if you are more inclined to stick with the black, then you can buy clothes with little pops of colour to make them more spring like, such as above the two clothing items have pops of orange and coral which brighten up the original items. Another great idea is to start adding white by purchasing patterned black and white clothing.
After a long winter you can feel shy about wearing brighter colours but these are great ideas to provide a transition from your winter gear to summer staples. Above are two clothing items from new look, one of which I purchased, on the right, which perfectly fit my recommendations.
Yes, they were originally black but that kinda got lost in the editing : )
SoElla x

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Revlon Update!


If you have been keeping up to date with my blog (which I advise you to do : ) ) you probably will have seen a previous blog post in which I told you about how I had been quite disappointed with the Revlon Colourburst Balm in 'Strawberry Shortcake'.
 I wanted to do this post because after trying this out a few more times in a variety of ways I found a way to make this balm work. It actually looks really pretty when paired with a completely clear lipgloss. The colour comes out much more as a bubblegum pink which I am looking forward to wearing in the summer.
To use the balm I like to apply the balm just to the centre of my lips, I then rub my lips together a tiny bit. After that I apply lipgloss all over my lips and ta-da!!!
 I've found that this way the balm becomes so much more pigmented and non-patchy if you use it in this way!
SoElla x

Spring Photography


 I think that Spring is one of the best months to take photographs in. Everything is so new and fresh! The colours just seem to be so much prettier than any of the other months because I feel like in the summer, winter and autumn none of the plants are at their best and healthiest.
 I love taking pictures and editing them so I thought I would share with you below my top four photographs that I have taken this month!
I hope that wherever you are and whatever the weather is like, this makes you feel a bit more springy (If that makes sense!?!) : )
BlogElla x