Saturday, 19 December 2015

BLOGMAS DAY 16: Bathbomb Storage!

A very popular present for friends and family at this time of the year (or any time really) is lush bath bombs. At this time I always find myself building quite the collection, although, I do have to admit that I probably bought lots of them myself! With the new Christmas collection there are just so many to choose from and walking into the store is a right ordeal. This does make me wonder how parents and partners who don't understand the whole 'craze' go in and buy presents. So anyway, back on topic, bath bombs are very dusty and messy so you always need somewhere to store them. I like to have mine where people can see them but also are tidy and neat. Here are some ideas:

Pots- I think that, like above, pots with intricate designs and suitable sizes are great for holding bath bombs because you can easily arrange them. The only con is that you cant see all of the bath bombs but I guess a clear pot could be really pretty as well

Boxes: Boxes with cool designs or made of wicker look really great with bath bombs in them!

Premade- Lush do some cylinders that are made for storing bath bombs so if you are just looking for neat storage then that could be the type for you

SoElla X

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