Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Current Favourite Starbucks Order!

I have decided to post this today because my Starbucks order definitely changes a lot around this time of year since, predictably, we prefer to have hot drinks in the winter and colder drinks in the summer. We are now approaching this time so I have found some new favourite drinks to order. They are the flavoured iced latte's, more specifically, the iced chai tea latte. It is amazing because it tastes of so many spices like cinnamon yet is still cool and refreshing at the same time.
However, I have not only been enjoying the iced chai tea lattes but also other flavours such as caramel etc. I am actually a fan of whipping up my own iced chai tea latte at home when I cant face the long lines or high prices at Starbucks (it is £2.85 for the smallest size which is quite small). I don't have any fancy chai tea brewing techniques but I do use a Chai Tea latte powder which must be used similarly to hot chocolate and then put in the fridge with some ice in it when served. Obviously not completely the same but a good substitute nevertheless.
What is your guys' go to Starbucks order?

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Adventures in Southwold!

Seaside trips in England are probably some of my favourite holidays since they are fun, simple and close to home. They just seem to have that certain British charm about them that makes them extra special. One of my favourite ever seaside town to visit is Southwold in Suffolk. It is a traditional seaside town with a beautiful beach and some very cute little cafes and boutiques! It has a variety of cultural places of interest if that is something that you are more interested in. I have attached some photos that I took in Southwold when I visited it this past Easter.



Most of these pictures are of the beautiful beach which is probably to be expected in a seaside town but I hope you enjoyed them anyway. Hopefully they cheer you up on this dreary April evening!

BlogElla X

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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Autumn/Winter Colours

I chose the picture above for my blog post because I think it displays a lot of my colours from this Autumn/Winter period. I have really loved dark gothic colours, especially dark maroon or berry tones, to go on my nails. I think that they compliment my skin tone and also most of the clothes that I wear around this time of year. Along with this, I have been using glitter statement nails on my ring finger to add  bit of interest and festivity. In terms of clothes, one of my favourite colours has been mustard. It is a really interesting colour that screams this time of the year but brightens any outfit and I have been enjoying wearing this colour in the form of woolly jumpers. If you aren't quite sure about wearing this kind of colour then you could opt for more of a burnt orange which is less eye-catching. Nevertheless, I have been wearing a lot of the typical statement colours such as army green, which is the colour of my parka and I have been wearing it with basically everything. Browns have also been great around this time of the year for a staple colour that isn't as boring as black and can add some interest to a simple piece. I have been loving Zara and Stradivarius to buy these kind of clothes. Both websites have an order service and Zara has lots of stores but, unfortuneatly I think that the Stradivarius in my area is one of the only ones in the UK. If you have a chance to go in I would definitely recommend it!
What have your favourite colours been?

SoElla X

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Hello 2016

Hello Everyone!
I am fully rested now and back onto the blogging scene, along with my weekly uploads every Sunday. Since it is a new year I though I would do a blog post reflecting on my year, in terms of this blog and also personally.
So lets start in February which was the month this year that I started my blog. Before that I had travelled to Slovenia where I had the best time of my life going somewhere that I hadn't been to before. It was a new experience for me and I believe it was the trigger for me wanting to start a blog because it was there that I discovered my love for photography. Being in a place surrounded by natural beauty it was so amazing to be able to immortalise it in my memory by taking all of these photographs for me to look back on when the holiday was finished. So, soon after this I began to photograph my makeup because of its nice aesthetics, exciting colours and varying textures. Then this gave me the idea for a blog where I could publish these pictures and also talk about them in a detailed way. Also in February, the Introduction To BlogElla received 117 +1's on Google + and also Makeup Of The Day received an amazing 4.3k (4,342) +1's on Google +. Not really sure how that happened!
So nothing totally big happened in March or April but my blog views were slowly but steadily increasing and I was reliably posting about 4 or 5 times a month. During this time I was building my makeup collection and also learning more about makeup and discovering new brands. At the end of the month my post Revlon Update! reached a staggering 9.7k (9705) +1's on Google +. Imagine if all of those people followed!
Unfortuneatly, after that my life started to get extremely busy with its workload and since the weather was hotter I found that it wasn't really acceptable to other people that I was sitting inside and typing away on my laptop. Also during this time I went on a two week long holiday to France visiting many places such as Bayeux, Rouen and Paris. It was an amazing trip where I finally discovered everyone's obsession with the Sephora chain! After all of this makeup excitement, I was finally ready to start on my blog again.
In September I posted about 4 posts and was really getting back into the swing of it all. The days were still long and bright which made for great blog post pictures! One of my favourite posts from that time was Bedroom Snippet. Then, again, life took its toll and I stopped posting again because of the short gloomy days that had no place in my photographs. However, I did publish one post in October which actually happens to be my favourite post of all time! Top Five Favourite Drugstore Lipsticks
After previous absences I really felt like I wanted to make it up to you in December, the season of Christmas. So, I came up with the idea of Blogmas, publishing one post a day for the entirety of advent and Christmas Day. I knew it would be hard and I don't really know how I persuaded myself to do it but I was successful. There are 25 posts from December sitting nice and neatly on my blog ready for anyone to binge read! After completing a challenge like this I felt so fulfilled, if a little tired, but fulfilled nevertheless.
I feel like it was the perfect way to end a great year of blogging and with 1,260 blog views this year, 16 followers on Bloglovin (https://www.bloglovin.com/people/soellaa-12143565), 17 followers on Twitter (https://twitter.com/So_Ellaa) and 22 followers on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/so_ellaa/) I cant wait to see what 2016 holds! Even just for blogging and social media in general.
I would just, last but not least, like to thank all of you reading this for anything that you have done to support me, whether it be to +1, follow, tweet, like share and so on. I hope this year is even better than the last for all of you!

SoElla Xxx

Friday, 25 December 2015

Thursday, 24 December 2015

BLOGMAS DAY 24: Merry Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve! How quickly this whole year has flown. Well, it's not quite over yet, we still have one of the biggest days of the year tomorrow. I would just like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who have stayed till the very end of Blogmas. There have been ups and downs, and some technical hitches along the way but I can honestly say that I am a better blogger because of it. I think I have written more blog posts this month than in my entire previous time on blogger. I have learnt how to think up and write a blog in no time at all. So thank you for sharing and viewing my posts and making it worth while. : ) Comment below your fave Blogmas post!

SoElla X

BLOGMAS DAY 23: Sparkly Eye

 In my last post I showed you lots of different variations on the traditional 'red lip'. I feel like a sparkly eye does very well to accompany this and I ma going to show you my two favourite eye shadow palettes for this. These palettes are pretty much the only thing that I use! The first, Naked 2, contains many taupe-hued neutrals and the shade are mostly shimmery but there are a few matte ones in there, perfect for highlighting and the crease. The second palette Too Faced's 'Natural Eyes' palette has less variation of shades but contains all of the colours you could ever want for day to day makeup. I would suggest some gold shades with a warm brown in the crease to accompany your red lip!

SoElla X