Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Disappointing Product

 As I had been very excited to try out some more Revlon Lip Products. I was quite upset and put off when the first one I tried was a rip off and just generally a rubbish product.
The colour is quite pretty and very summery but only good if you have very moisturized lips as the product becomes patchy. The general pigmentation of the product is quite high but it does not seem like this because it applies very unevenly yet does not budge when you rub your lips together. The finish on this lippie is very wet and creamy and unfortunately very sticky. As for its moisturizing it actually works very well and would be perfect if you don't mind the rest! As you can see from the pictures above the product is also quite messy and doesn't make for clean travel. However, having recently tried out  few more things from the range I can safely say that this was an odd one in the pack. : )

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Monday, 16 March 2015

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation

 As this foundation has been raved about so much in the past year, I thought it wise to try out on the hunt for a great drugstore foundation. Usually, I am not one for a dewy foundation as I have quite oily skin from which it is not benefited and powder does not do much to mattify it and can in fact make it a lot cakier.
 The Foundation itself comes in bright orange packaging which is somewhat unattractive but practical for travel as it is small in size. The liquid contains lots of glitter which means that it is not great for day wear but in the summer it could look really pretty and has high coverage so is great for covering redness and blemishes. The packaging has a pump which is very useful for no messiness and squeezes out just the right amount of product for about 1/2 of your face.


Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Spring Special

It is scary to think that March has arrived when Christmas has only just gone round the corner. With the arrival of March comes the realisation that spring is almost upon us. This means slightly warmer weather so it is time to pack away the navy and maroon for brighter colours, florals and pastels to take place. For some, this might mean a shopping trip whereas for others, they will just need to dust off the old favourites. Today I am going to share with you some of my favourite things about Spring.
Weather- I have mentioned this previously but nothing makes me feel happier than the sun shining in through my window in the morning after the dull, dark mornings that were the norm last month. Warmer weather means more outdoor activities and longer days.
Clothing- In the warmer months clothes can look much better as it allows you to consider fashion more than just piling on layers so that you don't freeze. Although, hoodies may be comfy they are definitely NOT fashionable.
Colours: This includes nail polish, bags and accessories. I love wearing much lighter tones on my nails rather than dark tones as I find that it compliments my skin tone much more and looks generally prettier.
Makeup: My spring Makeup staple is a lipgloss as this can just make you seem so much more fresh and put together in the morning. I also love that lipgloss makes your eyes glitter and stand out so much more.
Skincare: In the spring, my skin tends to be so much better as the dryness disappears and also blemishes and redness. This means that I do not need to wear a high coverage concealer/foundation which is so much more pleasant for your skin.
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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Healthy Lunch

I know how hard it can be to steer clear of all the bad stuff when making yourself a meal. Personally, I always have to stop myself from continually snacking which means that I am not hungry when it comes to meal times! Today, I thought I would talk you through my 'Healthy Lunch'. As my drink, I poured some of the Sainsbury's Pineapple Juice into a glass, this was probably the most unhealthy part of my meal but I would recommend this juice as it is very tasty, smooth and contains less sugar than many other juice drinks. Then, for my sandwich I used seeded brown bread to make it extra healthy and I then spread on a tiny bit of low fat unsalted butter. For the filling of my sandwich I used Honey Roasted Ham to make sure I got some protein from the meal. The yoghurt that I ate was Yeo Valley LOW FAT Greek Yoghurt with honey. You can choose any yoghurt you want for this part of the meal, this is just one of my favourites, but be careful when choosing Greek yoghurts as some can be extremely high in fat and unhealthy! When it comes to fruit it is completely up to you what you want to choose. Grapes and clementine's are two of my favourite fruits and much easier to buy than more exotic fruit such as pineapple or mango so they are perfect to eat on an everyday basis as you don't have to worry about whether they are in season or not. I hope you enjoyed this little post! : )

BlogElla x

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