Saturday, 19 December 2015

BLOGMAS DAY 15: What I love about Christmas

Here are some things that I love about Christmas!

1. Food- I am the biggest fan of a roast dinner and I feel like Christmas dinner is the king of them all! I love sausages in blankets, gravy, potatoes, turkey and stuffing.

2. Clothes- This is basically a time for all things tacky which mostly includes jumpers but can sometimes extend to pyjamas : )

3. Festive cheer- To me, everyone just seems so much happier and there is much excitement in the air!

4. Makeup- 'Tis the season of gold eyes and red lips.

5. Advent Calendars- It is so exciting opening the door every morning to find a chocolate!

6. Family and friends- This time gives everyone a good excuse to visit their family and friends who maybe live a bit further away and you can meet all of those relatives that you really didn't know you had : )

SoElla X

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