Monday, 14 September 2015

My Lush Faves!

Today I thought I would review two bath products that I purchased recently for a birthday. Although not having used them personally except for Sakura the very kind lady working in lush kindly demo'd them for me. The first one, a bath bomb named Sakura is white coloured and has lots of specks of colours. Having used this along with the other product, a bubble bar named Brightside, the colour of the bath bomb was not really showcased but it was obvious that the bubble bar was colouring the bath tub bright orange! The smells of these products are kinda hard to describe if you have never been into lush before (if you haven't then you SERIOUSLY should : ) But if you have then all I need to say about Sakura is that it smells of LUSH!!! Brightside is very similar except slightly more citrusy and orangey. Lush bath bombs are completely fine for sensitive skin and also have lots of skincare benefits to make your skin feel great. I definitely regret not picking them up for myself as well but there is always next time! I hope this post has inspired you to go and take a look.

SoElla xxx