Thursday, 26 February 2015

Favourite Glitter Nail Polishes

Today I thought for a quick post I would show two of my favourite glitter Nail Polishes. Both of them are incidentally from Barry M as this is one of my favourite nail polish brands. I feel like their nail polishes are very chip resistant and they only take around 2 coats to apply which means they are great for everyday wear! The first polish on the right is called 'Princess' and this is part of the textured range and so the glitter in this is very pigmented so if you want you can wear this by itself but I like to wear it with either a pink or a neutral nail polish. This is a really pretty light pastel pink colour and so is great for the coming spring! The next polish on the right is called 'Jingle Bells' and this is much less pigmented so I like to wear it with a bright red nail polish. The glitter in this is red and gold so it was great for other Christmas time but unfortunately it was part of the limited edition range so is not available anymore : (

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