Sunday, 4 October 2015

Top Five Favourite Drugstore Lipsticks


Left to Right: Mac Patisserie, Revlon Peach Parfait, Maybelline Colour Sensational Fatal Red, Mac See Sheer, L'Oreal Collection Exclusive in Eva's Nude

The photo's above show my 'Top Five Favourite Drugstore Lipsticks' As you can see I am not the most adventurous with my lipsticks apart from the odd red and pink one in there! I am much more likely to pick up a pinky nude in the morning so you can see that three of the shades above are very much nude with a touch of pink. The first, Mac Patisserie, is probably my favourite mac lipstick! It is a very brown toned pink and it is a lustre finish and so has a slight shimmer and is very glossy on the lips. The next one is actually a tinted lip balm rather than a lipstick but it is so so pigmented and moisturizing at the same time that you could easily forget! It is a peachy toned pink with gold reflex running through it which just adds to its appeal for me. Then, the last nude colour is the L'Oreal lipstick. As you can most likely tell this lipstick is actually almost finished and very much loved. I wear this lipstick all the time and with everything, it is just the perfect blend of peaches and pinks and oranges and browns. Hard to describe but quite perfect. If I were to put this in to a mac formula category I would call it a satin, not quite matte but not at all glossy or shiny. That being said, the formula of these lipsticks is amazing and totally not drying! Now, onto the pink, Mac See Sheer is described as a grapefruit colour on the mac website and when I saw it I was totally in love. It is also a lustre but soooo pigmented and the colour is like a bright pink with very red undertones. Definitely one for the summer but also one of my favourites,  however I do find it hard sometimes to find an eye look that compliments the lipstick. So, finally onto the red. Probably my least worn out of the five but definitely still a firm favourite. I've found that the colour suits my skin tone a lot and is really moisturizing and glossy. It might be surprising that I have put more of a glossy red on here instead of a matte red but I feel like when you find the perfect glossy red that doesn't bleed or smudge, you will understand!

Ella xx

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