Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Current Favourite Starbucks Order!

I have decided to post this today because my Starbucks order definitely changes a lot around this time of year since, predictably, we prefer to have hot drinks in the winter and colder drinks in the summer. We are now approaching this time so I have found some new favourite drinks to order. They are the flavoured iced latte's, more specifically, the iced chai tea latte. It is amazing because it tastes of so many spices like cinnamon yet is still cool and refreshing at the same time.
However, I have not only been enjoying the iced chai tea lattes but also other flavours such as caramel etc. I am actually a fan of whipping up my own iced chai tea latte at home when I cant face the long lines or high prices at Starbucks (it is £2.85 for the smallest size which is quite small). I don't have any fancy chai tea brewing techniques but I do use a Chai Tea latte powder which must be used similarly to hot chocolate and then put in the fridge with some ice in it when served. Obviously not completely the same but a good substitute nevertheless.
What is your guys' go to Starbucks order?

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