Sunday, 10 January 2016

Autumn/Winter Colours

I chose the picture above for my blog post because I think it displays a lot of my colours from this Autumn/Winter period. I have really loved dark gothic colours, especially dark maroon or berry tones, to go on my nails. I think that they compliment my skin tone and also most of the clothes that I wear around this time of year. Along with this, I have been using glitter statement nails on my ring finger to add  bit of interest and festivity. In terms of clothes, one of my favourite colours has been mustard. It is a really interesting colour that screams this time of the year but brightens any outfit and I have been enjoying wearing this colour in the form of woolly jumpers. If you aren't quite sure about wearing this kind of colour then you could opt for more of a burnt orange which is less eye-catching. Nevertheless, I have been wearing a lot of the typical statement colours such as army green, which is the colour of my parka and I have been wearing it with basically everything. Browns have also been great around this time of the year for a staple colour that isn't as boring as black and can add some interest to a simple piece. I have been loving Zara and Stradivarius to buy these kind of clothes. Both websites have an order service and Zara has lots of stores but, unfortuneatly I think that the Stradivarius in my area is one of the only ones in the UK. If you have a chance to go in I would definitely recommend it!
What have your favourite colours been?

SoElla X

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